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            Coronavirus Coverage

            EDITORS' PICKS

            Do vaccine mandates violate Canadians' charter rights?

            One of the most commonly referenced arguments against vaccine mandates is that they violate the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, a claim legal experts say is misleading when you look at case law. breaks down the fine print of charter rights.

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            OPINION | Don Martin: It's all about him -- and that's why Trudeau is in trouble

            Three weeks after Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau started the victory lap for his vaccination procurement success, the Liberal party is flirting with a future in the Official Opposition – and it’s very much all because of him, Don Martin writes in his exclusive column for .

            W5 HIGHLIGHTS

            The trans woman taking on the doomsday church

            W5 investigates a controversial Christian sect that has divided the small town of Aylmer, Ont. The Church of God Restoration and its fervent pastor have made headlines for their "anti-lockdown" rhetoric, causing turmoil in the once-sleepy town.

            Signal detected: Are we alone in the endless abyss of space?

            If aliens are sending us signals, are we set up to detect them? Dan Riskin speaks with planetary scientists, radio astronomers, and computer scientists who explain how the search for ET has ramped up in the last few decades. But if they're successful, is there a way to predict what alien creatures might look like?

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